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The external signal outputs in vacuum inspection device INDEC 300 for recording counter figures in the customer's data network

With our INDEC range of vacuum testing systems, food manufacturers can be sure that HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) principles are met. KoCoS vacuum inspection systems are characterized by their superior detection sensitivity and automatic separation of defective products.

Increasingly, our customers who use an INDEC 300 vacuum inspection system for closure inspection in production want to feed the data obtained into their data acquisition system or into the higher-level machine control system. INDEC 300 offers a variety of linking possibilities for this purpose.

Often you want to transfer the counter figures for the GOOD, BAD and TOTAL products into the company's own data network for extensive evaluations for quality control. The INDEC 300 is ideally equipped for this. All three counter figures can be determined
simultaneously by setting the pulse duration between 1...120 ms of the respective counter pulses once by the respective global parameters and switching the respective outputs from OFF to ON.

Once the connection has been made according to the connection diagram - marked yellow here - these pulses are then permanently available in the higher-level machine control and the customer's data network.


Analogue to the kwon standard screen of INDEC 300 device, those counter numbers can now be used in real time in the customer's data network for a variety of evaluations and analyses.    

This makes it possible, for example, for quality control personnel to take action remotely in the filling process at any time and consistently reduce the reject rate.

The processor-controlled inspection systems of the INDEC 300 series are characterized by the highest reliability and simplest handling and are the first choice for many food manufacturers.

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