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SHERLOG - Digital Fault Recording

Fault recorder systems with a power quality analyzer for comprehensively monitoring and assessing low, medium and high voltage networks in power plants and transformer substations.

The measuring devices of the SHERLOG range make very high-resolution recordings of all the disturbances which occur in power supply systems. The behavior of protection and switchgear devices during these system disturbances is recorded at the same time.


SHERLOG CRX 1232/2032

Multifunctional measuring systems with fixed configuration

The measuring instruments of the SHERLOG family combine the monitoring functions of a high-quality digital fault recorder and the features of an energy quality monitor in one system.
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Individually configurable measuring system

Highly modular system for customized customer solutions with maximum availability, it grows with every requirement.

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SHERLOG - Device Family

Fault recorders and power quality monitors for professional use

The measuring instruments of the SHERLOG family are multifunctional measuring and analysis systems for comprehensive monitoring of the electrical power supply.

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SHERLOG - Cabinet Systems

Customized complete solutions for stationary use

Fully assembled and tested cabinet solutions for direct installation in customer systems.

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Here you will find interesting and entertaining articles with lots of background information about SHERLOG applications.

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KoCoS customers convinced:


The modular concept is extremely service-friendly and allows us to make adjustments and extensions on site ourselves.

Super quality, robust and reliable - exactly what we need!

Very convincing price-performance ratio!


The best operating and analysis software we have ever seen - powerful and self-explanatory. It's fun to work with!

100% Made in Germany!


It's great that the system analyses network errors independently and that we immediately have detailed error and event reports. This saves us a lot of time and work!

The KoCoS units convince through performance and reliability!


SHERLOG CRX 1232/2032

SHERLOG CRX 1232/2032
Fault recorders and power quality monitors with fixed configuration

The two standard devices SHERLOG CRX 1232 and SHERLOG CRX 2032 are the ideal complement to our globally proven modular measuring system SHERLOG CRX.

With the same performance and identical measuring and analysis functions, these standard units offer an even more compact design, which is ideal for use in confined spaces. In addition, this standardization eliminates the need for project-specific production, which leads to significantly shorter delivery times as well as cost advantages.

Equipment features:


  1. 8 voltage inputs
  2. 4 current inputs
  3. 32 binary inputs


  1. 8 voltage inputs
  2. 12 current inputs
  3. 32 binary inputs



Configurable fault recorder and power quality monitor

Thanks to the modular, scalable device concept, SHERLOG CRX can be equipped as needed and easily adapted or expanded to meet new requirements. Despite its compact dimensions, SHERLOG CRX can be equipped with up to 32 analogue inputs for AC and DC measurements and with up to 128 binary inputs.

For monitoring extensive systems, individual units can be networked via an interlink interface.

Plug & Play-Technology
Extensions and configuration changes can be carried out easily and quickly due to the plug & play technology. Even the replacement of the analogue measuring modules is possible without time-consuming and cost-intensive adjustment, as the calibration data is stored on the modules.

Equipment features:

  1. Number of analogue inputs: 8 to 32
  2. Number of binary inputs: 0 to 128

Slots to accommodate:

  1. second power supply unit for redundant power supply
  2. Interface module for redundant data communication and fiber optic connection
  3. Synchronization module for precise time synchronization to all common standards

SHERLOG Device Family

SHERLOG fault recorder systems for professional event analysis

The measuring devices of the SHERLOG range combine the monitoring functions of a high-class digital fault recorder with the features of a power quality analyzer in a single system. They can be used to comprehensively monitor power engineering equipment such as lines and bus bars and associated protection devices and switchgear equipment.

Fields of application
SHERLOG systems are suitable for all voltage levels. They can be used as centralized or decentralized monitoring systems and unite the following functions in one device:

  1. High-resolution fault recorder for transient processes with sampling rates up to 30 kHz
  2. RMS recorder
  3. Continuous data recorder
  4. Event recorder
  5. Power quality analyzer to IEC61000-4-30 class A
  6. Fault locator
  7. Phasor measurement unit
  8. Sequence of events recorder
  9. Integration in substation control and protection systems to IEC 61850

Examples of applications

  1. Digital fault recorder with a high sampling frequency for detailed analysis of transient faults
  2. Generator monitoring in power plants
  3. Recording and identification of power swings
  4. Power quality analysis, e.g. to EN 50160
  5. Load and frequency recording
  6. Analysis of power consumption
  7. Assessment of the capacity utilization and stability of supply systems
  8. Capture of influences resulting from a constantly fluctuating generator and load structure
  9. Monitoring of individually agreed connection conditions for compliance with limit values
  10. Documentation system for commissioning and service tests
  11. Chronological event recording and logging of binary status signals

SHERLOG Cabinet Systems

SHERLOG Cabinet Systems

In addition to the measuring systems themselves, KoCoS also offers completely assembled and tested cabinet systems. These are individually designed and manufactured according to customer specifications. Of course, after successful commissioning and individual configuration of the systems, an on-site or remote maintenance service is also included in the range of services.



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Technical Papers

Technical Paper
SHERLOG CRX - Cost optimization using modern IEDs
1 MB

Technical Paper
SHERLOG CRX - New multi-functional measuring system for professional power system and event analysis
2 MB

Technical paper
SHERLOG CRX - Transmission and Processing of Fault and Trend Data in Smart Grids
871 KB

Technical Paper
SHERLOG CRX - Implementation of compatibility requirements
1 MB


SHERLOG Blog Posts
Blog contributions with interesting and practical background information
about SHERLOG Digital Fault Recording. Here you will also find answers
to practical questions about specific topics about measuring and testing
technology and its applications.

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