Company profile

Company profile

The KoCoS Technology Group is a group of companies with a global presence which develops, manufactures and sells measuring and test systems for equipment in electricity supply systems and laser-optical inspection systems for quality monitoring.
KoCoS harnesses the knowledge of all its employees on a daily basis in order to accomplish challenging and unusual tasks in the areas of customer support, product development, manufacturing and sales. In doing so, we fulfil the high expectations of our customers all over the world day after day.


Excellence is born of core competencies which are composed of the knowledge, capabilities and experience of each individual. Professional expertise and interdisciplinary cooperation provide the basis for the development of innovative solutions. For us, economic efficiency and sustainability have a central role to play in the process.

Keeping our word, providing orientation, taking on commercial and social responsibility, valuing our employees and the company's achievements and gaining a firm foothold in the market in order to attract loyal customers and partners: these are the objectives which determine our actions day-to-day. The key features of our solutions are application-oriented, innovative technologies, excellent reliability and optimum implementation.

Guiding principles

We win the confidence of our customers on the strength of our achievements! We ensure that our solutions meet the most stringent of quality requirements and always use state-of-the-art technologies. As a learning company, we strive for continuous improvement in all our business processes. The quality of our work and the acceptance it receives are reflected in the steadily growing numbers of industrial customers who put their trust in our products and services. Building successful, long-term partnerships with our customers is our primary aim. This is the driving force behind all our endeavours. Not only does the know-how we have developed over the years play an essential role here, so does the importance we place on predicting the needs and expectations of our customers in advance and acting accordingly.

Our employees are the source of our success. Their commitment and their capabilities enable us to deliver the excellent results our long-standing customers have come to rely on. We have the well-being, the personal motivation and the development of each and every individual employee at heart and we are committed to supporting them in all they do in order to ensure that our customers can continue to expect excellence and innovation from KoCoS in the future. Our company culture is characterized by open dialogue and clearly formulated common goals.
Our cooperative style of management fosters a team-oriented working culture characterized by mutual respect and fairness. Good communication is not only important to us within the company - we also place great emphasis on intensive cooperation and partnership with our suppliers. We value them just as highly as we do our customers and treat them with the same respect.

Outstanding quality for reliability and durability

Our products enjoy an excellent reputation and meet the most stringent of quality standards. One of the cornerstones of our company philosophy is the strict implementation of the quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. It is our intention to constantly improve our products and processes.