Inside KoCoS

Inside KoCoS

Sales & Applications

Whether you require pre-sales services, training, after-sales support or project management, we make sure you receive expert assistance swiftly from the right contact person. Our strong commitment to putting customers first is reflected in the first-class, friendly service we provide. As a reliable and reputable partner, we look after our customers above and beyond the point of sale. Earning the confidence of our business partners is exceedingly important to us because this provides the basis for successful, long-term partnerships. In addition to the direct distribution of KoCoS products within Germany, the KoCoS Group also has numerous international subsidiaries which work in close cooperation with us on a daily basis. If we have no direct presence in a region, local distributors or representatives are of course available instead. Thanks to our growing network of service and sales locations across the globe, KoCoS is never far away.


Our service department works in close cooperation with product managers and sales staff to provide customers with the support they need. With in-depth knowledge of KoCoS products and their applications, our technical staff and engineers do not only provide support during commissioning, they are also available for advice and assistance later on when you use our products day-to-day. Customer satisfaction is a top priority! This is not just a slogan - our highly motivated employees are committed to walking the talk. Thanks to the streamlined structure of the company, its flat hierarchy and a culture which encourages innovative and critical thinking, our business partners profit from efficient cooperation characterized by a consistently goal-focused approach.

Research & Development

All KoCoS products are cutting-edge solutions developed in-house to the very highest standard. This is achieved by a team of engineers and computer scientists who employ a forward-looking, future-oriented approach in order to turn our visions into realities. The universal modular concept underpinning both hardware and software is highly efficient as it enables individual components to be used in a number of different products. This emphasis on standardisation guarantees a consistently high standard of quality.


KoCoS has production facilities in three different locations: measuring and test systems for electricity supply networks are manufactured in Korbach, optical measuring systems for the semi-conductor, automotive and food industries are made in Weimar and test systems for electricity meters are made in Cape Town. The fact that so much of our manufacturing is carried out in-house guarantees levels of quality which are well above average.


The customer service mindset is also of central importance to our commercial department, although only a small number of its staff have direct contact with customers. The department sees its main task as ensuring that orders are processed smoothly from start to finish, beginning with the receipt of an order and ending with the punctual delivery of our products. The staff are not only responsible for purchasing, inventory management and material planning, they also take care of shipping, customs handling and invoicing.