System description

System description

The ARTES 460 | 560 test instruments have been specially developed for harsh transport and operational conditions. The use of state-of-the-art technologies coupled with a high level of system integration has made it possible to accommodate this compact, lightweight test instrument in a portable 19“ housing.

Because of the very effective cooling system and automatic fan control, the test instruments go largely unnoticed during operation.

Current and voltage amplifiers

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems have four voltage outputs and six current outputs. The test quantities are monitored constantly by means of an internal feedback measurement of the output signals.

Test currents of up to 3 x 64 A with parallel operation

In order to provide higher test currents, the current amplifiers of the ARTES 560 can be operated in parallel. Because there are 6 current outputs, up to 3 x 64 A can be provided for 3-phase applications.

High output power with low test currents

A supply voltage of up to 30 V is available for the ARTES 560 current amplifiers. Even with low test currents, the current amplifiers can provide a high compliance voltage and thus a high level of output power.

Constant output signals for changing burdens

Even if the burden of the device under test changes during output, constant output signals with very high accuracy are guaranteed.
Synthetic signal generation with a powerful signal processor, internal feedback measurements of the output signals in real time and ultra-fast regulation of the amplifiers make this possible and ensure that the signals correspond exactly to the desired values during output.

Wide frequency range for the output of transient signals

The fully electronic amplifiers of ARTES 460 | 560 do not feature transformers in the outputs, so it is possible to generate output signals with a wide frequency range of several kHz. In addition to self-generated signals, records from fault recorder systems can also be output as transient signals.

Immunity to disturbances in the power supply

Powerful, wide-range switching mode power supplies safeguard the power supply to the ARTES amplifiers and ensure fault-free operation and constant output signals. Changes to the output quantities are completely eliminated, including inaccuracies and errors resulting from fluctuations in the supply voltage.