ARTES test monitors

ARTES test monitors

Generally speaking, the VD-Monitor is capable of meeting all test requirements.

The ARTES software also offers a range of convenient test monitors which have been specially developed for testing different protection functions.


The VD-Monitor enables the user to test any protection function by setting the test quantities manually. As well as entering secondary values, primary values can also be used to define all settings.
The output signals of the current and voltage amplifiers are set entirely independently from one
another as regards amplitude, phase and frequency and are varied independently from one another during tests. In addition, the output signals of certain or all amplifier outputs can also be ramp ascending or descending within the configured range.

Presetting fault loops

Selecting a fault loop facilitates the reproduction of a specific fault. The parameters of the individual channels, which can be modified for the selected fault, are pre-defined automatically.

Fault definition with symmetrical components

It is also possible to define the test quantities by entering the symmetrical components directly. The output quantities are calculated automatically by the software.


Test monitor overview
Monitor   Test function
VD   Test any protection function by setting the test quantities manually
IT   Check the operating times and directional sensitivity of overcurrent relays
IMP   Check the operating times and impedance zones of distance protection devices
TRANSIG   Display and output COMTRADE records and generate any signal characteristic
SYNC   Test paralleling devices and synchronizers
DIFF   Check the tripping characteristic and operating times of differential protection relays
TD   Determine measuring transducer error
Smart-Sequencer   Event-controlled output of test sequences
PIC   Determine the pick-up and drop-off values of protection relays
QU   Check the Q-U protection function


Software modules and packages

Software module IEC 61850

Software module for the integration of the test systems in an IEC 61850-8-1 communication environment. Pick-up and trip messages are received and evaluated via GOOSE telegrams.