The ARTES testing software

The ARTES testing software

The Fluent interface makes working with the ARTES testing software both faster and more efficient. The advantages of this user interface include improved handling and significant savings in time due to the use of context-specific tabs and the ease with which new users become familiar with the software.

Clearly structured asset management based on the test object

Another noteworthy feature of the software is its asset management. The global definition of protection functions as well as the derivation and inheritance of properties from a wide variety of different type templates are what make this feature so special. In addition, it is possible to edit specific individual relay settings and test instructions as well as to make global settings for instrument transformers, earthing and the direction of the rotating field.

Graphical display of connection schemes

A graphical display of connection schemes can also be found in the ARTES testing software. This makes it easier to connect the device under test and goes a long way towards ruling out mistakes.
Pre-defined models are available for the various protection functions and can be selected directly, making configuration much simpler.

Individual test plans

An individual test plan can be created easily for each device under test. Individual tests can be combined to form complete device or type tests.

Display and evaluation of measurement results

During tests, the progress of the analog input quantities and the status signals and commands of the device under test captured by ARTES are displayed in real time with correct timing relative to one another. This information is displayed both graphically and numerically. The reaction of the device under test is evaluated automatically by the programme during the course of the test. All the results are displayed clearly in a table immediately after the test.

The list of results can also be presented in the form of a test report. This report is generated automatically by the programme and contains all the relevant data, parameters and test results.