Import relay settings

ACI Codec

The solution for importing relay settings
With ACI Codec, KoCoS provides a unique data import interface. Files with specific settings of protection relays can be read in directly with an ACI codec. And in a way that users want: without manual entries or adjustments of the parameters.

Applicable for all data formats
A decisive advantage over other methods is that no special data format is required. The relay manufacturers therefore do not have to provide any special functions for data saving in their software. An ACI codec can be created for almost any readable format.

Read settings directly from the relay
And not only files can be imported. Communication routines can also be integrated in the codec. With this, the settings can be read out directly from the relay. One mouse click is all it takes to start the test.

Codecs can be created for all relays
You don’t have to be an absolute expert to create a codec. Basic knowledge of programming is required, but the structure of a codec is generated automatically by ARTES. This must be filled with the appropriate linkages. How to do this and more information about the ACI codec can be found in the blog post No worries about Codecs! and the Video ACI Codec - Practical Check.

ARTES 5 - ACI CODEC | Practical Check

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