Equipment and handling

Equipment and handling

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems are the compact and universal solution for testing all types of protection relays. The built-in control panel, light weight and low noise level make this robust test system equally suitable for use on site and in the lab.

Stand-alone operation with 3.5“ touch screen

ARTES 460 | 560 test instruments can be operated and controlled with the aid of a PC and the ARTES testing software or with the built-in control panel. The control panel features a high-resolution, resistive 3.5“ touch screen, two function keys and a jog wheel.

The clearly structured user interface guides the user quickly and intuitively to complete the task in hand. The test instrument reacts directly to user actions, all processes run smoothly and without delay.
Settings can be made quickly with the ergonomic jog wheel. The illuminated ring integrated in the wheel clearly displays the system status; acoustic signals are an additional source of information and provide feedback when settings are made and when tests are carried out. A USB and an Ethernet interface allow direct connection to PCs or any network.

LEDs for status indication

The states and operating modes of the inputs and outputs are indicated by LEDs on the front panel. The user can tell at a glance which outputs are active and can easily identify the states of the binary inputs and outputs.

Analog and binary measurement inputs

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems have eight binary inputs which are protected against polarity reversal and are configurable for measuring dry or wet contacts.
In addition to the binary measurement inputs, the test systems also feature eight analog inputs with a switchable measuring range.

Output of control commands via binary outputs

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems can address the protection device under test with binary signals as well as with analog measurement quantities. These binary signals are generated simultaneously with the analog quantities and can be used as control commands for the protection device during the test procedure.

Testing protection devices with low-level signal inputs

Special low-level outputs with very high accuracy make it possible to test protection devices with low-level signal inputs as well. The behaviour of various different sensors, such as Rogowski coils, is reproduced precisely.

Separate auxiliary power supply

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems have a separate auxiliary power supply as standard equipment. The auxiliary voltage can be used to supply the test object, for example. The range is from 12 to 260 VDC.

Operation in a vertical position

All the connections required for linking up to the device under test can be found on the front panel where they are arranged ergonomically and are easily accessible. The power supply and the external interfaces are also located on the front panel.

ARTES 460 | 560 test systems can be stood upright on the floor if necessary and still be operated comfortably.

Can be used all over the world

The voltage and frequency range of the integrated wide-range power supply units provide a high degree of flexibility for power-ing ARTES 460|560 test instruments, allowing them to be connected to any national supply voltage or to DC station batteries.

Software-controlled device calibration

The ARTES 460 | 560 test instruments have been specially designed to enable users to carry out the calibration themselves. This eliminates periods of unavailability while the test instrument is sent away and also does not involve any costs. Calibration is controlled by the software. There is no need to open the test instrument and make adjustments using potentiometers.