System versions

System versions


Small footprint and consistent accuracy
The latest innovation from KoCoS adds a new tool to the WATOM product family. WATOM T is a compact, inexpensive alternative for applications that have no automation requirements and provides the same quality, process reliability and measurement precision as other WATOM systems.

It is a reliable solution for space-saving integration in the production process and for sample test requirements. WATOM T is designed to accept two wafer sizes.

Once a wafer has been placed manually on the transfer stage, it is loaded and the measurement runs automatically in accordance with all evaluation requirements. These are based on predefined recipes.

Equipped with a touch screen, this tool is easy to use for operators, experts and maintenance staff alike.


The patented measurement method of WATOM LS utilizes a light-sectioning sensor to measure the profile of the wafer edge with pinpoint precision, including the profile within the notch. Using a CCD camera, pictures are taken of the laser line produced by the edge profile. Depending on the surface conditions of the wafer edge, the light-sectioning is available with a class 2 or class 3 laser system. A mathematical algorithm developed by KoCoS is then used to determine the edge profile characteristics.


WATOM CCD uses profile projection technology as an alternative to high-precision light-sectioning and provides the ideal solution for less demanding profile measurement requirements, in particular when notch edge evaluation is not required. A telecentric lens captures the profile image of the wafer edge illuminated by a telecentric light source.