Automation solutions

Automation solutions

EFEM (Equipment Front End Module)

The fully automated handling solution EFEM is equipped with a state-of-the-art SCARA robot. The module features two load ports and has been developed to meet the very latest standards which apply to the manufacture of 300 mm wafers, including full compliance with clean room conditions of any class.

Both fully automatic load ports can accommodate common cassette types, such as FOUP, FOSB and open cassettes.

To get the wafers to a required orientation for measurement procedures, an alignment system included in the scope of delivery ensures reliable handling and high throughput.

Various identification systems for wafers and cassettes are available as options as well as an E84 interface for communication with automatic transport systems.

Automatic handling system 300

For less complex requirements in process automation, the automatic handling system for 300 mm wafers provides one or two loading stations to handle wafers from manually opened FOSB or other carriers.

A three-axis SCARA robot is used to handle the wafers by vacuum grip.
To increase throughput, a prealignment system is included so that the next wafer can be aligned while the previous wafer is being measured. Using wafer adapters, the handling system is also capable of accommodating 200 mm wafers.

Automatic handling system 150/200

For wafers of 150 and 200 mm diameter the automatic handling system provides 4 loading stations without increasing the footprint.
A three-axis SCARA robot ensures a wide motion range and maximum axis travel with a decreased interference area.
The module is equipped with an alignment and identification system.

All modules can be equipped withOCR wafer ID readers for top or bottom reading

  1. OCR wafer ID readers for top or bottom reading
  2. Carrier ID readers (BCR, RFID reader, etc.)
  3. Vacuum handling systems
  4. Edge grip handling systems