System flexibility

Manual and automatic systems

Modern semiconductor manufacturing processes involve a wide range of different process automation techniques. Thanks to its modular design, WATOM can meet the specific requirements of every user, whether individual wafers are loaded manually or an automated material handling system (AMHS) is in place.

Wafer size does not present a problem either. Both the light-sectioning method and the CCD camera method can measure wafers up to 450 mm in diameter. Automatic solutions can be equipped with various numbers of load ports as required. SCARA robots provide fast wafer transport. Both vacuum and edge gripping technology are available for wafer handling.

These features ensure that WATOM systems can comply with the requirements of any class of clean room, including ISO 1 if needed. All the usual carrier ID, OHT, AGV and wafer ID solutions used in the semiconductor industry can be added as optional extras, as can additional load ports, if required.