Measurement and evaluation features

Measurement and evaluation features

Large variety of materials

Using highly precise handling solutions, the WATOM product family can accommodate many substrate materials such as silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, sapphire, glass, quartz, ceramics, etc.

Three-dimensional notch edge profile

Due to the latest developments in the KoCoS light-sectioning system, evaluation of the edge profile is possible within the whole notch area.
Several profile measuring points inside the notch, including the edge profile of the notch ground, the wings and the radii, allow three-dimensional notch edge control.

Various methods of evaluation and feedback

The modular WATOM software can carry out any kind of geometrical evaluation.

Parameter-based evaluation

  1. with a highly precise KoCoS-specific evaluation method
  2. according to SEMI M73 standard
  3. with customer-specific criteria

Template-based evaluation

  1. according to SEMI M1/M9 (T3, T4, etc.)
  2. with customer-specific template criteria

Optional evaluation modules can be provided for the calculation of any specific values, including feedback values for production equipment and the geometric parameters of grinding grooves.
Measurement of diverse edge shapes and profile types

Thanks to the wide range of evaluation methods, it is possible to measure various different edge shapes.

  1. Round edge profiles
  2. Flat edge profiles
  3. Asymmetric edge profiles
  4. Combined profiles
  5. Bonded substrates
  6. SOI wafers
  7. Any customer-specific edge profile at any stage in production