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When we talk about "P L C" at KoCoS, we don't mean the programmable logic controller but our various ACTAS test systems. But why does KoCoS offer three different ACTAS product lines?

Quite simply! KoCoS serves the entire mechanical switch testing market with its three different ACTAS product lines. Starting with fully automatic routine testing at the switchgear manufacturer, through the service technician to the test laboratory. The requirements of the various applications can only be optimally met with different devices.


Use of the ACTAS test systems


ACTAS Portable           Service Technician (manual testing)


ACTAS Laboratory       Test laboratories, production, development (semi-automatic testing)


ACTAS Cabinet            Test laboratories, production, development (fully automatic testing)

However, the situation is quite different when it comes to testing software, where an end-to-end solution is important:

With ACTAS 2.60, all tests can be performed with all ACTAS test systems. This is essential in order to be able to reuse tests and test results throughout the entire life of the switchgear. It is then possible to test a switch with ACTAS from the start of its development through to its use in the field, e.g. under using the same templates. For example, the test parameters and limit values developed in the laboratory with ACTAS L can be used directly during routine testing as part of the quality assurance process with ACTAS C. With ACTAS P, the service technician is then also able to access the original parameters during maintenance.

Almost all major switchgear manufacturers, test laboratories and also service technicians appreciate this and take advantage of the great ACTAS benefit of being able to use measuring instruments flexibly for the various applications and to fall back on existing data.

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