The test systems of the ACTAS product range have been specially developed to perform automatic general operating tests on all types of breaker, regardless of the type of drive unit, including, for example,

  1. circuit breakers
  2. load switches
  3. disconnectors and earthing
  4. switches

The first operating tests are carried out during breaker development. Once final factory tests and inspections have been carried out and the breaker has been installed, regular, on-site service tests safeguard the full operationality of a breaker.

All the different models are suitable for both manual and automated tests. Freely configurable test plans make it possible to pre-define all the test steps and analysis functions for a wide variety of different types of breaker. As a result, the tests themselves can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Incorrect evaluations resulting from false operation or configuration can be almost completely ruled out.

The ACTAS range includes a broad spectrum of compact, portable test systems for on-site tests. The basic difference between the various devices lies in the number of measurement inputs for analog and binary signals. Stationary test systems with customer-specific configurations are currently being used by leading breaker manufacturers for final tests. Installation in 19" racks allows the integration of automatically controlled voltage sources for supplying releases and drive units. Simulation of the plant conditions prevailing at future breaker locations makes it possible to test breakers under realistic and extreme fault conditions even before they have left the factory.

Both the stationary and portable test systems are also suitable for use in the laboratory for breaker development or type tests, for example. The freely programmable sequence control system makes it possible to simulate all kinds of switching operations and to repeat them almost indefinitely within the framework of fully automated repetitive operations. Even life tests with 10000 or more operating cycles present no problem.


All the test systems of the ACTAS product range are based on identical functional principles and are operated via the same software. This means that measurement results obtained in the factory can be compared with the results of subsequent on-site tests at any time, regardless of which ACTAS model was used at the time.