System description


High-accuracy micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads

PROMET L100 is a compact, battery-operated, highprecision measuring device for determining resistances in the μΩ to Ω range. The use of four-wire measuring technology and high test currents of up to 100 A enable PROMET L100 to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements. PROMET L100 can also be used to determine the winding resistances of transformers, motors and instrument transformers.

High functionality, rechargeable batteries and a light weight of just 9.3 kg make this measuring device suitable for universal use.

  1. Assessing the condition of contact systems
  2. Contact resistance determination with earthing on both sides
  3. Measurements on inductive loads
  4. Measurements with temperature compensation
  5. Integration in circuit breaker testing with ACTAS
  6. Simple and intuitive operation
  7. Results management and test report output via PC