ACTAS 2.60

ACTAS 2.60

The solution for comprehensive switchgear tests

The ACTAS 2.60 operating software is the first choice when it comes to carrying out comprehensive tests or test procedures.

With its special application modules, the software delivers solutions for individual test tasks.

Variable times and control signals allow switching sequences to be defined freely.

Once defined, individual switching operations can be combined to form a series of repetitive operating sequences with an almost infinite number of operating cycles.

Any result likely to be required in practice can be selected from a pool of over 1000 pre-defined evaluation algorithms for the purposes of automatic test evaluation. The software also features versatile instruments for the analysis of results. The superimposition of various measurement curves and the assessment of signals using idealized reference characteristics are just two examples.

A wide range of trigger options allow the automatic issue of control commands. Recording can be started or stopped in response to the occurrence of specific events, for example.

In order to reduce the volume of data in a recording, triggers can be used to vary the sample rate dynamically. The sample rate can be decreased for those parts of the test which are of little relevance and increased for areas of particular interest.