ACTAS operating software

ACTAS operating software

With ACTAS test systems, the output of switching sequences and the measurements performed on a switchgear device are fully controlled by means of the operating software.

Know-how put into practice

The ACTAS software is the product of many years of practical experience and close cooperation with network operators and switchgear manufacturers.

The resulting test applications can be used to solve any test task likely to be met in practice.

The whole test at a glance

The central element of the operating software is the test monitor. Tests are created, carried out and archived here.

All test parameters and results can be seen at a glance. Tests are started and monitored directly in the test monitor. Indicators show whether or not the measurement results lie within the de-fined limit values. A graph of all measured signal characteristics, featuring zoom functions and measurement cursors, offers additional options for detailed analysis.

Flexible directory structure for individual requirements

All switchgear data and test parameters, including the results, are automatically saved in a freely definable directory structure.

This makes it easy for tests to be called up, edited or used as templates.

Compressing switchgear data and measurement results so that they can be sent by e-mail, for example, is made simple by the central storage of data. Archiving the data or exporting them to other data formats or databases is child‘s play too.

Result help

A help function supports users in the selection of the measurement results they require and the subsequent evaluation of those results. Descriptions and graphs facilitate the correct interpretation of the results obtained.

Automatic generation of test reports

The software includes an option for automatically creating test reports to document test results. As well as the results themselves, reports can also include curve characteristics of recorded signals, switchgear data and test parameters. The contents and layout of test reports can be customized to meet individual requirements.