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Is it possible to perform a switching time measurement on a medium voltage system encapsulated in SF6 gas?

KoCoS offers a measuring method using the ACTAS switchgear test systems and external sensors which enables this type of system to be tested at a reasonable cost. As the system does not need to be isolated, the measurement procedure is even less time consuming than testing a non-gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear using the conventional measurement procedures.

The VDS (Voltage Detection System) installed in the systems is used to measure the switching times. These are capacitive measuring points for voltage indicators or integrated capacitive voltage indicators according to VDE 0682-415 or IEC 61243-5. If no voltage transformers are installed, these measuring points are the only and safe way to establish a connection to the main contacts of the circuit breakers.

The capacitive measuring points can be connected directly to the analog measuring inputs of the ACTAS test system provided for this purpose without interposing additional measuring components. The capacitive measuring points are used to measure the three-phase sine wave of the voltages. If the circuit breaker is switched via the control room, the voltage drop is displayed on the ACTAS test system. However, in order to be able to determine a switching time, current clamps are used and attached to the open and close coils. External trigger signals that can be set in the test system can be used to initiate the recording of the measured values and the corresponding evaluation. External triggers can be set in ACTAS to any signals, regardless of whether they are individual binary or analog signals or signal groups.

The evaluation of the switching time in ACTAS is fully automatic; there is no need to set a cursor to manually evaluate the switching times and enter values manually.

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