• Geometrical measurements
  • Determines gap bulk density
  • Reliable technology


OMCAT - Catalytic Converter Measurement

OMCAT catalytic converter measuring systems provide a fast and efficient means of carrying out complex geometrical measurements on exhaust catalytic converters and of determining the gap bulk density (GBD). OMCAT measuring systems feature innovative measurement functions combined with reliable technology.

High measurement speed and accuracy and high availability due to their rugged construction are the major strengths of these systems which come to the fore in the harsh conditions which prevail in production environments.


KoCoS customers convinced:


Data and control interfaces for all „Industry 4.0“ or IIoT requirements.

High-precision measurement results.



KoCoS devices convince through performance and reliability.

Real-time monitoring of the production process.

Robust and reliable for direct use in the production environment. 




100% Made in Germany.

Very flexible use, thanks to adaptable measuring range.



OMCAT System Versions

OMCAT 550 | 600

Quality control and process control in production

OMCAT 550 and OMCAT 600 measuring systems are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in manufacturing environments. Their robust construction guarantees longevity, while the use of maintenance-free components ensures high availability. Smooth and robust sheet steel panelling without nooks and crannies makes for easy cleaning. Maintenance access points with several access levels for connections, electronics and the rotary stage allow easy access for maintenance and servicing.

The measurement functions are controlled using ergonomically designed robust push buttons. These large, metal push buttons are specially arranged for intuitive operation. They are guaranteed for 10 million switching cycles and meet all the requirements of harsh manufacturing environments and 24/7 production. The measuring system is controlled with the OMCAT-Vision software which is optimised for operation using the function buttons and 10“ touch screen.


Flexible quality control and process control

OMCAT L55 is a flexible standard measuring system and is suitable for use in a manufacturing environment as well as in laboratory or measuring rooms. It features a height-adjustable operating touch screen, as well as an integrated evaluation unit.

Thanks to its small footprint, this standard module is extremely space-saving. The integrated evaluation unit ensures fast and fully automatic measurement evaluations. Inside, the OMCAT L55 has various connection options to expand it with peripherals, such as code readers.


The solution for laboratory applications

OMCAT XA5 and XA6 are featuring analytical, statistical and graphical tools which make itsuitable for use in development, process optimisation, quality assurance and the technological preparation
of the manufacturing process.

The system is equipped with a 22“ swivel monitor, mouse and keyboard. The parameters and measurement results are graphically displayed in detail on the large monitor, allowing comprehensive, detailed analyses.

The OMCAT-Expert software, included in the scope of delivery, can be used to display measurement results in detail and to carry out all the measurement tasks required in a laboratory, e.g. the inspection of details during the development of new products.

In order to guarantee optimum protection from dirt and unauthorized access, the system is integrated in a cabinet with a lockable shutter. The cabinet is fitted with castors and also provides enough space for optional peripherals, such as a label printer and weighing scales, as well as for SPC and calibration pieces. The screen can be swivelled into the cabinet so that it too can be stored behind the closed shutter.



Depending on the system model and the field of application, a number of different software versions are available for OMCAT measuring systems.

OMCAT-Vision: Operation via touch screen
OMCAT-Vision is optimised for operating and controlling the measuring systems via touch screen and is specially designed for use in serial production. It is installed on all measuring systems as standard operating software. The ergonomically designed user interface is clearly structured and easy to understand, enabling operators and setters alike to work intuitively.

OMCAT-Expert: Detailed analyses and evaluations
The Expert software features comprehensive analytical, statistical and graphical tools and is recommended for use in development, process optimization, quality assurance and the technological preparation of the manufacturing process.

The applications listed below are given as examples of the comprehensive possibilities afforded by the software:

  1. Flexible measurements thanks to execution of individual measurement steps and examination of individual contours
  2. Automated multiple measurements and recording of changes
  3. Superimposition of contours from various measurements
  4. Reverse measurements
  5. Determination of local measurement values or curvature in specific areas
  6. Statistical functions such as trend analysis and histograms
  7. Use of measurement data from external sensors, such as temperature and humidity
  8. Horizontal and vertical measurements for the fast determination of contour and height

Admin module for OMCAT-Expert
The Admin module allows complete central management of all OMCAT measuring systems using a network. This makes it ideal for operators with several measuring systems which may even located at different sites. With OMCAT Admin systems can be configured for scheduled measurement tasks, serviced and monitored in various ways via remote access in background, without interrupting any measurement processes. This also includes the upload of updates and recipes. Monitoring plant and production parameters provides effective support for the preparation of production reports and statistics.

Simple and intuitive operation
The intuitive and easy-to-understand user interface guarantees easy operation and minimizes the time it takes to become familiar with the measuring system. Guided data entry in the recipe generator and data plausibility testing ensure reliable configuration and automatic fault detection. Nominal contours can be created directly or read in via DXF files. The measurement procedure is fault-tolerant: individual measurement steps can be corrected at any time without the entire measurement process having to be carried out all over again. The results are tailored to suit the specific application and are displayed clearly on the monitor.

Reliable and comprehensive storage of results
The data is securely stored in a database which is insusceptible to manipulation. A highly efficient database system allows the storage of at least 2 million data sets in the measuring system with consistent access times. The data sets contain the complete measurement results, including the plant and recipe parameters, enabling repeat measurements and further analyses to be carried out. Remote access for analysis and statistics is protected by a password and certificates.

In-process data interface
All the measurement, adjustment and SPC data can be exported to ASCII files in CSV format regularly and automatically and can be saved on a network drive. This makes is possible to import files into databases and spreadsheet programmes for the purposes of quality management and mandatory documentation where they can be subjected to customer-specific further processing.



Flexible measurement and evaluation

Process control on the basis of GBD

In combination with digital scales, the optional software extension offers the prerequisites for the evaluation of mat weight for the purpose of process control on the basis of GBD or for determining the mean GBD for quality control. The mat weights are automatically requested and transmitted to the software. Mats with a weight of up to 3 kg can be weighed with a resolution of 0.1 g. 

The software extension contains poka-yoke measures for the verification of mat switch and placement of the right mat.

Local evaluation of gap and GBD

This optional function makes it possible to determine the position of the catalyst brick in the finished catalytic converter. Using the 2D scan system integrated in the turntable, the eccentricity of the brick in the metal sleeve is measured with the aid of a DMC affixed to its base. By determining the position of the brick, it is possible for the software to perform an automatic evaluation of the gap and GBD for individual angular sections. The number, angular position and size of the sections can be defined in the measurement recipe. In addition, it is also possible to define separate tolerances for individual areas. Adherence to these tolerances is checked by means of the software.

Flexible for pre- and post-canning

OMCAT enables pre- and post-canning measurements to be carried out with the same measuring system or with separate systems. The database allocates the data automatically in both cases.

Measuring multiple catalyst bricks in a stack

If several bricks are installed in a converter, they can be measured in a stack in order to increase throughput. The measurement for the sleeve can also be carried out in one step without rotating the converter. Up to four bricks can be measured with one recipe so there is no need to keep changing the recipe.

It is easy to prevent measurements being mixed up by mistake by using a recipe in combination with optional code scanners to check the part number.



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