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ARTES - Automatic Relay Test System!

Compact, powerful relay test systems for carrying out highly complex tests with ease and precision. The test systems of the ARTES product line are used to carry out functional tests on all types of protection devices, including DT/IDMT relays, distance protection relays and differential protection relays, to ensure that they function correctly.

More than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic relay test systems have gone into creating the fourth generation of ARTES test instruments.

All ARTES test systems provide excellent ergonomics, functionality and performance and fulfil the high expectations of customers worldwide. In-house development and manufacturing guarantee excellent quality „Made in Germany“.


Compact test system specially designed for testing all types of digital and static protection relays. Its light weight and low noise level make this robust test system equally suitable for use on site and in the lab.
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Test system for highly complex test tasks. 4 voltage outputs and 6 current outputs which can provide particularly high output power allow three-phase tests on static and digital as well as self-powered relays.
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The robust and universal solution for testing protection relays. Packed in a handy, extremely robust and resistant hard shell case, the versatile test system is also ideally suited for challenging outdoor use, for example in the sector of renewable energies.
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Voltage Transformer VT2

In combination with the voltage transformer VT2, the maximum output voltage of the ARTES test systems can be doubled from 300 VLE /520 VLL auf 600 VLE/1040 VLL. This is required for relay testing in low-voltage installations with up to 690 VLL.
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Integrated Operator Interface

Its high-resolution touch screen with smart touch technology enables many tests to be carried out quickly and easily without having to connect an external PC.
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ARTES Testing Software

The complete ARTES 5 testing software is included in the standard scope of delivery for all ARTES test systems. The test values for different types of faults are calculated automatically by the provided monitors and can be combined to automatic test sequences.
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Read about ARTES and its applications in interesting
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Your Benefits

KoCoS customers convinced:


With just a few mouse clicks you can get started right away, simple, and easy to learn operations.

It is super easy to import, export and synchronize data. 

I love the operation of the ARTES APP via smartphone.

All inclusive! Extensive accessories included and very convincing price-performance ratio.

The KoCoS devices convince through performance and reliability!

Free Software. GREAT!

 100% Made in Germany!

Quality, robustness and reliability - that‘s exactly what we need.


ARTES Testing Software

ARTES 5 testing software
The complete ARTES 5 testing software, including all test monitors, is included in the standard scope of delivery of ARTES test systems. The test values for different types of faults are calculated automatically and can be combined to complete test sequences.

Database structure
The central element of the testing software is the integrated database. The structural design enables the management of all necessary information and results in one central place. The sorting of the data can be done by a user-specific folder structure or by the virtual representation of entire plants.

Test monitors
The ARTES 5 testing software contains specially adapted test monitors for testing different protection functions. These calculate the required test values according to the globally defined protection settings.

Individual test plans
An individual test plan can be created easily for each device under test. Individual tests can be combined to form complete device or type tests.

Automatic generation of test reports
For documentation and, if necessary, submission for certification, the test results can be automatically compiled into a test report. The content of this report can be defined by selecting the available test results.


ACI Codec

ACI Codec - Import relay settings

The solution for importing relay settings
With ACI Codec, KoCoS provides a unique data import interface. Files with specific settings of protection relays can be read in directly with an ACI codec. And in a way that users want: without manual entries or adjustments of the parameters.

Applicable for all data formats
A decisive advantage over other methods is that no special data format is required. The relay manufacturers therefore do not have to provide any special functions for data saving in their software. An ACI codec can be created for almost any readable format.

Read settings directly from the relay
And not only files can be imported. Communication routines can also be integrated in the codec. With this, the settings can be read out directly from the relay. One mouse click is all it takes to start the test.

Codecs can be created for all relays
You don’t have to be an absolute expert to create a codec. Basic knowledge of programming is required, but the structure of a codec is generated automatically by ARTES. This must be filled with the appropriate linkages.

How to do this and more information about the ACI codec can be found in the blog post: No worries about Codecs! and the Video: ACI Codec - Practical Check.



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Technical Papers

Technical Paper
Check reactive power direction undervoltage protection correctly
2 MB


Technical paper
ARTES - Automatic Testing for the Undervoltage Dependent Directional Reactive Power Protection Function
977 KB


Blog posts with interesting and practical background information about ARTES Protection Relay Testing. Here you can also find answers to practical questions on specific topics about measuring and testing technology and its application. Just take a look and find out more!

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