PIC-Monitor – The universal tool for protection testing

With the PIC-Monitor, test quantities can be output as a stepped or pulsed ramp. The major advantage of the PIC-Monitor over other solutions is the global storage of all information required for evaluation. The pick-up value, trigger criterion and an optional time evaluation can be stored directly in the test object.

For standard-compliant testing, it is possible to select individually for each ramp whether the pick-up value, tripping time or both are to be evaluated simultaneously. The automatic evaluation eliminates the otherwise time-consuming determination and manual logging of the results.

The latest upgrade of ARTES 5 further extends the lead of the PIC-Monitor. A specially adapted input mask also allows the direct input of phase-to-phase voltages.  A laborious conversion of the voltage values is no longer necessary.

A wide range of protection functions can be tested with the PIC-Monitor - quickly and easily!

The upgrade of the ARTES 5 software is now available in the customer area.