New Power quality analyzer and fault recorder for DIN rail mounting

With the EPPE RX, KoCoS now has a power quality analyzer and fault recorder for DIN rail mounting in its product range.

EPPE RX is an extremely compact and powerful power quality analyzer, data logger and fault recorder. The 8-channel device measures 4 voltages and 4 currents with a sampling rate of 200 kHz and an outstanding precision of 0.05%.

The current measurement is carried out via through-type current transformers, which allows the device to be installed in existing circuits without additional terminal points.

The device can be accessed in parallel via two independent Ethernet interfaces. Live measurement data can be viewed in any web browser via the integrated web server.

The associated Expert software enables fully automated and database-based metering point operation with automated evaluation and reporting. 

Recordings of network faults can also be accessed directly by third-party applications via the device's internal (S)FTP server.

EPPE RX is compliant with VDE-AR-N-4110 and VDE-AR-N-4120 and can therefore be used to monitor EEG systems in the medium and high-voltage grid.

EPPE RX is equipped with comprehensive cyber security protection. This includes TLS-secured data transmission, role-based access control (RBAC) via LDAP, logging of all security-relevant processes in the device and transmission to a monitoring server using a syslog protocol. The authenticity and integrity of the devices is ensured via the digitally signed and encrypted device firmware and update packages.

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