ARTES - Relay test systems immediately available

ARTES immediately available? How is it possible?
The procurement of components has become increasingly challenging in the recent past. Thanks to a high level of standardization and forward-looking planning, we were able to maintain our ability to deliver despite the generally difficult situation.
All ARTES test systems are offered with their full functionality. Optional device extensions and the associated individual production have been deliberately avoided. Customers thus continue to benefit from reliable and fast delivery of their new ARTES testing system.

Which test system is right for me?
It is not without reason that KoCoS offers three different relay test systems. Here are some aids to help you decide which test system is right for you:

ARTES 460 II: The test system of choice for testing digital and static protection relays
ARTES 460 II is the standard system for all applications where increased current power is not required for current output. In direct comparison with ARTES 600, the system scores with advantages in price, weight and size. The functionality of the systems is largely identical.

ARTES 600: The top model for applications requiring high output powers
The added value of ARTES 600 lies mainly in the current output: 6 x 32 A /250 VA per phase are available! This is enough to test even transformer-powered protection relays.

ARTES RC3: The robust and universal solution, packed in a hard case
When it comes to outdoor applications, for example in the field of renewable energies, ARTES RC3 is the ideal solution. Slightly slimmed down in terms of functionality, the test system scores points with its handy, extremely robust and resistant hard-shell case.

There are also many common features that distinguish all three testing systems, three of which are mentioned below:

  1. All test systems can be used for automatic testing of protective relays
  2. All test systems can be integrated into IEC 61850 networks
  3. All test systems can be operated locally or via the ARTES 5 software

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