ARTES 5 Software-Update 5.13

A new update of the ARTES 5 testing software is available for download in the customer area. The update includes a number of enhancements and optimizations to the software functions:

PIC monitor
To further automate test plans, the start and end values in the PIC monitor can be related to the selected pick-up value. After adjusting the pick-up value in the IED, the test sequences are automatically adjusted. This means that a defined test plan can be used for different pick-up values without adjustments.

In addition, it is now possible to store the drop-off values for the pick-up values as absolute values in the IED. This means that even small differences between the pick-up and drop-off values can be stored, which would be almost impossible to represent using a ratio.

The integration of the Siprotec DigitalTwin enables virtual closed-loop tests to be carried out directly in ARTES 5. The test sequences are transmitted directly to the DigtialTwin and the reaction of the IED is recorded and evaluated during the test.

Connection to further databases
To simplify data exchange between colleagues and entire teams, the ARTES 5 testing software can also connect to external databases in addition to the local database. This can be installed on the company’s server, for example. Data can be easily exchanged between the databases and marked with locking notes.