ARTES 5 Software-Update 5.12

A new update of the ARTES 5 testing software is available for download in the customer area of our website. With the update we provide some enhancements and optimizations of the software functions:

U/I Monitor

Another helpful tool has been added to the IMP monitor. With the U/I monitor, the voltage-dependent current starting of the distance protection can be checked quickly and easily and evaluated automatically.


Individual measured values can now be assigned to each state of the SmartSequencer. This further increases the flexibility of the automatic evaluation of specially created test sequences.

Test report

When creating a test report, the progress graphs for VD, PIC, QU and U/I monitors can be hidden. This offers further possibilities for the free design of the test report. If only a short test report with the most necessary information is required, the visual display can be omitted and the number of pages kept low.

By the way,
The KoCoS in-house exhibition will be held in just a few days' time on 11 and 12 September. As a highlight in the field of protective relay testing, we will show you how you can use ARTES to test the digital twin of your SIPROTEC 5 devices cloud-based around the clock from anywhere and without hardware! Whether spontaneous or with registration - come by and look forward to exciting live demonstrations and discussions with our team. All further information can be found on our website.