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Compact motor and coil testing system for switchgear testing

KoCoS Messtechnik AG now offers the compact, portable EPOS MC4 test system for the supply, testing and analysis of motors and trip coils of switching devices.
In addition to its use as a powerful AC/DC source, EPOS MC4 records the operating currents of spring tensioning and pump motors as well as release coils and displays the motor and coil currents as numerical results on a 5" touchscreen.

The voltage source is based on state-of-the-art power electronics and is insensitive to interference in the power supply due to the synthetic generation of the output variables. Test sequences can therefore always be carried out under the same conditions, which enables a direct comparison of the results.

The EPOS MC4 can be operated and controlled via the integrated operating unit with high-resolution, resistive 5" touchscreen, rotary selector switch and function keys or in combination with the ACTAS test systems. EPOS MC4 can be conveniently integrated into switchgear tests via the ACTAS test software. A remote control unit is also available for controlling motor and coil outputs.

EPOS MC4 provides additional functions for analyzing switchgear:

  1. Analysis of motor running and coil tripping
  2. Determination of the coil resistance
  3. Determination of the minimum tripping voltage
  4. Testing undervoltage releases

The evaluation of the results is simple and conclusions about the condition of coils, motors and mechanics can be drawn immediately. The integrated measuring functions therefore guarantee meaningful analyses for maximum operating times and minimum maintenance effort.

EPOS MC4 enables the direct connection of a PC/notebook. The measurement results stored in the device can be read out and managed using easy-to-use software.

The test system is housed in a handy, extremely robust and hard-wearing hard case. Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 when closed, the case absorbs even hard knocks without sustaining damage. The robust test system is just as suitable for demanding outdoor use as it is for use in production or in the laboratory.

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