Measurements for power quality

Measurements for power quality

Not only the reliability of supply, but also the quality of electrical power is becoming increasingly important for the smooth operation of high-tech equipment.

As a manufacturer of powerful power quality measuring systems and fault recorders, we are the perfect partner for project management, installation, configuration and support of power quality measurement campaigns as well as for acceptance measurements in your installations. Our highly reputed experts analyse and assess the recorded measurement and disturbance data in accordance with current standards or your own individual requirements.

We work together with you to develop concepts for optimisation and remedial measures and we support you during their implementation.

Support for measurement goal definition

Precise formulation of the task (e.g. determination of power quality, acceptance measurement, fault analysis etc.), the procedure and the goal of a measurement campaign is an essential prerequisite for optimising the time and resources involved in a measurement and facilitating its success:

  1. Definition of the measurement strategy, the measurement points and the schedule
  2. Determination of the number of measuring devices required
  3. Identification of additional information for achievement of the measurement goal

Carrying out measurements

Selection and installation of measuring devices from the EPPE and SHERLOG product lines for short-term or long-term measurement of the power quality in customer installations:

  1. Definition of the connection technology required for acquisition of the relevant process signals
  2. Delivery, installation and connection of the devices, including all accessories
  3. Configuration of the measurement
  4. Regular support during the measurement (using remote access, if required)
  5. Read-out and storage of the recorded measurement data (using remote access, if required)
  6. De-installation and return of the devices once the measurement has been completed
  7. Documentation of the measurement set-up and of the measurement
  8. Evaluation of the measurement and preparation of a report in accordance with DIN EN 50160 or individual customer requirements

If requested, the devices used have calibration certificates from neutral DKD-accredited laboratories

Measuring device rental

Measurement equipment is often needed for short-term, one-off assignments or to complement the existing device pool for a specific project. Our low-cost, flexible rental offer for rental devices from the EPPE and SHERLOG product lines for power quality analysis and fault recording are easy on the pocket and help you to get started while keeping costs manageable.

Seminars & workshops

For network operators and for industry, knowledge of the relevant technical rules and standards and their practical application is especially important for the safe and reliable operation of distribution networks. Lifelong learning is essential here.

Our employees and external experts can train you in all aspects of power quality.

Whatever the subject matter of the training course - power engineering basics, questions involving standards or legal issues related to power quality, the interpretation of the features of the quality of supply or the derivation of remedial measures - the information content is communicated systematically and efficiently using a mix of theoretical and practical exercises.