ARTES 5 Software-Update 5.14

A new update of the ARTES 5 testing software is available for you to download from the customer area of our website. With this update, we are providing some enhancements and optimizations to the software functions to make your work even more efficient.


The SmartSequencer now offers extended functions that enable more precise control of test sequences. Trigger conditions can now be linked based on time and binary signals, allowing even complex sequences to be mapped. In addition, individual conditions can be skipped to further customize the sequence to increase test efficiency.


The PIC monitor has been improved to further simplify the creation of universal test plans. A new function makes it possible to reference the step times to the trip times stored in the test object. This means that created test plans automatically adapt to changes in the reference values.


The TRANSIG monitor now also supports virtual closed-loop tests with the Siprotec DigitalTwin. Real fault records can be simulated virtually and results can be compared quick and easy. In addition, the handling of virtual tests has been further adapted to real tests so that faulty test points can now also be repeated individually.