Current source
Test current1...100 ADC
Outputs    1
Output voltage24 V
Voltage measurement
Range20 VDC
Resistance rangeup to 20 Ω
Inductive loadup to 1000 H
Transformer, powerup to 1 GVA
Power supplyBattery operation independent of the power supply
Connections9 mm high-current sockets and 4 mm safety sockets
Housing, dimensions¾19", 3 U, 386 x 162 x 356 mm (W x H x D)
Weight< 9.3 kg (without accessories)
DisplayHigh-resolution, resistive 3.5" touch screen
OperationTouch screen, jog wheel, 2 function keys
PC interfaces, controlRJ 45 (Ethernet), USB-B
Further interfacesTemperature sensor, remote control, current clamp
FunctionsResistance measurement on ohmic resistances
Resistance measurement on inductive loads
Resistance measurement with earthing on both sides
Resistance measurement with temperature compensation
Static and dynamic resistance measurement on switchgear devices

Subject to change without prior notice