Test current     1 mA…10 ADC
Output voltage Up to 5 VDC
Resistance measuring range1 μΩ…5 kΩ
Accuracy   0.2 %
Inductive load Up to 500 H
Power   Up to 1 MVA
Power supply Battery operation
independent of
the power supply
Connections  Multi-pole system sockets
HousingPortable hand-held housing
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 100 x 230 x 35
Weight  0.6 kg (without accessories)
DisplayGraphical LC display, backlit
Operation7 function keys,
one-handed operation
CommunicationBluetooth, Android app
Interfaces 4-wire connection,
temperature sensor
Functions Resistance measurement on ohmic resistances
Resistance measurement on inductive loads
Resistance measurement with temperature compensation

Subject to change without prior notice