Source Voltage 0…270 VAC / 0…300 VDC
Motor/coil voltage independently configurable.
The output voltage is galvanically connected to the power supply voltage.
Currentmax. 40 A
FrequencyDC, 16 2/3 , 50, 60 Hz
Measurement Frequency 0…300 VAC/DC
Current0…50 AAC/DC
Resistance Measuring range0,5…1500 Ω
Complete systemPower supply Rated voltage: 85…265 VAC, 47…63 Hz, 120…265 VDC
Connections3 (1 x Motor, 2 x Spule) All connection points are located on the front panel, 4 mm/6 mm flush-mounted safety sockets are used
HousingPortable ¾ 19” housing, 4 U carrying handle can also be used as a stand
Dimensions (W x H x D) without handle 360 x 200 x 355 mm
Weight12 kg
ScreenHigh-resolution, resistive 3½" touch screen
OperationTouch screen and four function keys three enable keys (motor, opening/closing coil)
Display elements 3 Status LEDs
Interfaces PC interfaces controlUSB-B, RS232 remote control

Subject to change without prior notice