SHERLOG CX has been specially designed as a centralized monitoring system and is primarily used when a large number of process signals have to be monitored in one place or when a high degree of flexibility is required. The fully modular design makes the system extremely economic to use. There is no need to install anything more than is needed at the time. Changes in the configuration or extensions are easy to implement whenever necessary.



8, 16, 24 or 32 analog inputs

Each analog module has 8 measurement inputs and is available in three different configurations:

  • 4 x voltage, 4 x current
  • 8 x voltage
  • 8 x current

External current sensors:

SHERLOG CX uses external sensors for current measurement, significantly increasing flexibility and extending the range of possible applications. Adaptations to special requirements are even easier to achieve. Even changes to the current measuring ranges can be implemented quickly and easily on site. Current sensors with a range of different configurations are available to meet the requirements of all the various applications.

Typical sensors include:

  • High-precision 4-wire measurement shunts from 1 mOhm to 50 mOhm
  • High-precision toroidal-core transformers

The housings of the sensors are suitable for DIN-rail mounting and feature robust screw-type terminals up to 6 mm² cross-section for connection to protection or measurement transformers. Each sensor housing has 4 separate measurement channels.

  • Voltage measuring ranges: 0 - 150 V or 0 - 300 V
  • Full galvanic separation of all inputs up to 2,500 V
  • Nominal current measuring range for 1 A or 5 A protection or measurement transformers, using external sensors
  • Current sensors: high-precision 4-wire measurement shunts or toroidal-core transformers
  • Maximum measurable current: 5, 20 or 40 times the rated current
  • Maximum overcurrent: 100 times the rated current for one second
  • Measuring ranges for auxiliary signals: +/- 10 V or +/- 20 mA
  • Sample rate of the analog inputs 37.5 kHz
  • Up to 128 separate binary inputs (no common reference point)
  • 4 relay outputs
  • Standardized connection technology with IEC 60603-2 D-type plug connections
  • Housing: 19“, 3 U


A common software package is available for controlling and operating EPPE and SHERLOG systems alike. This modular software is highly flexible and can provide solutions for even very specialised measurement tasks.

The measuring systems of the EPPE product range can also be operated with basic software which is specially designed to meet the requirements of power quality measurement and is very simple to use. The EPPE basic software and the NRGCenter professional software both contain powerful tools for evaluation and analysis.