Whatever processes are currently underway in your power system, the power quality analysers of the EPPE series will register even minor disturbances or alterations. All the parameters of an electrical supply system are recorded continuously and precisely. Detailed quality evaluations reveal even the slightest of deviations and help identify the cause of disturbances. Precise time synchronization of the measuring systems via GPS allows the measured data from a number of different devices to be consolidated in order to comprehensively monitor an entire supply system.

EPPE systems continuously capture all power system parameters for the analysis and documentation of power quality to standards defined by the individual user or international standards such as EN 50160 or IEC 61000. High storage capacities and effective data compression methods enable long-term recordings to be made which can last for up to several years. As well as continuously recording all the quantities relevant to power quality, the integrated fault recorder module allows the event-triggered capture of transient processes with sample rates of up to 30 kHz.

EPPE measuring systems are available as table-top devices, for cabinet installation or in a portable housing for harsh environmental conditions.