Portable test systems for all requirements

The requirements a test system must fulfil are defined primarily by the type of construction and the specific equipment of the switchgear devices which are to be tested. For this reason, the test instruments of the ACTAS range have different numbers and types of inputs and outputs to meet these various requirements.

Control outputs   
Closing coils3311
Opening coils3311
Relay outputs22
Analog measurement inputs
Coil current3 x 2 (I/O)*3 x 2 (I/O)*1 x 2 (I/O)*1 x 2 (I/O)*
Coil voltage221
Motor current111
Motor voltage1
External sensors (travel/pressure)3*3*2
Incremental travel transducers6611
Sensor input for current clamp1
Universal input 0...10 V2*
Dynamic Timing channels6
Binary measurement inputs
Main and resistive contacts3 x 6 (3 x 8 ◊)3 x 6 (3 x 8 ◊)3 x 23 x 2
Auxiliary contacts3 x 63 x 42 x 42 x 4
Analog outputs
Control output for
external voltage sources
Reference voltage for external sensors10 VDC, 3 W10 VDC, 3 W10 VDC, 2 W
Other connections
Interface for PROMET
resistance measurement
PC interface
RS 232, USB
Bluetooth adapter
Housing19 ", 4 U19 ", 3 U1/2 19", 3 UABS
Dimensions, (W x H x D)
without handle [mm]
470 x 204 x 316470 x 160 x 316 257 x 160 x 316158 x 130 x 272
Weight11 kg8 kg4 kg2,5 kg

  ♦Standard ◊Optional *) With 1-phase coil current/travel measurement