Portable switchgear test system with up to 16 analog and 36 binary measurement inputs

ACTAS P22 is a high-precision, portable measuring system which has been specially developed for operating tests on various types of switchgear device, including circuit breakers, disconnectors and earthing switches, regardless of the type of drive unit. All the electrical and mechanical parameters needed for the assessment of switching performance are measured in real time without either the main contact chamber or the drive unit having to be opened. 26 inputs are provided for measuring analog and incremental signals. 14 inputs can be used simultaneously. A total of 36 binary measurement channels enable measurements to be made on 18 auxiliary contacts and 18 main contact chambers (6 per pole). With three-phase control of the operating coils, ACTAS P 22 can be used to test all medium- and high-voltage breakers.


With the DYNAMIC Timing function, ACTAS manages to combine extended measurement and analysis functions with improved safety and convenience.

DYNAMIC Timing allows tests to be carried out simultaneously on up to six chambers with earthing on both sides, without using ferrite cores or other fault-prone aids. A detailed visualization of contact travel is provided. Even switchgear devices with different contact materials, such as graphite, tungsten or silver, can be tested reliably and precisely with  DYNAMIC Timing.

Contact travel visualization

Unlike evaluation based on a simple binary signal, as is used in high-frequency measuring methods, DYNAMIC Timing enables a sound diagnosis of interrupter units throughout the whole switching operation. The result of the measurement is displayed in the form of a curve which visualizes in detail all the events of a switching operation. This allows an accurate assessment of the start of travel and the final position of the contacts and even reveals time differences between the move-ments of the main and resistive contacts.

Testing with earthing on both sides

Switchgear equipment should be earthed on both sides when people are in the vicinity in order to prevent danger caused by capacitively coupled voltages from neighbouring components.

However, when switchgear equipment is tested using conventional measuring methods, earthing must be removed on at least one side.

With DYNAMIC Timing, measurements can be carried out with earthing on both sides. Not only does this make tests much safer, it also makes them simpler and quicker because all the steps which need to be taken in order to remove the earth lead are no longer required.

Earthing on both sides in GIS installations

When testing gas-insulated switchgear installations in particular, measuring the breaker contacts with earthing on both sides is problematic.

ACTAS uses the possibility of determining current differences during the switching operation to solve the problem. The constant current sources of the DYNAMIC Timing function are connected to the interrupter unit for this purpose. The current in the earth leads is measured with high-accuracy current sensors and used for calculating the operating times.

Control outputs

  • 3 x opening coil
  • 3 x closing coil
  • 2 x relay output
  • 2 x external voltage source
  • 6 x 10 A constant-current source

Analog measurement inputs

  • 3 x coil current
  • 2 x coil/station voltage
  • 1 x motor current via shunt
  • 1 x motor voltage
  • 3 x external sensor (travel/pressure)
  • 6 x dynamic voltage drop
  • 6 x incremental travel transducer
  • 1 x micro-ohm meter current (single-phase use of micro-ohm meter)
  • 1 x micro-ohm meter voltage (single-phase use of micro-ohm meter)

Binary measurement inputs

  • 3 x 6 main contacts
  • 3 x 4 auxiliary contacts
  • 3 x 6 resistive contacts