Portable switchgear test system with up to 8 analog and 30 binary measurement inputs

ACTAS P14 is a high-precision, portable measuring system which has been specially developed for operating tests on various types of switchgear device, including circuit breakers, disconnectors and earthing switches, regardless of the type of drive unit. All the electrical and mechanical parameters needed for the assessment of switching performance are measured in real time without either the main contact chamber or the drive unit having to be opened. 18 inputs are provided for measuring analog and incremental signals. 14 inputs can be used simultaneously. A total of 30 binary measurement channels enable measurements to be made on 12 auxiliary contacts and 18 main contact chambers (6 per pole).

In principle, with three-phase control of the operating coils, ACTAS P 14 can be used to test all medium- and high-voltage breakers.

 Control outputs

3 x opening coil
3 x closing coil
2 x relay output
2 x external voltage source

Analog measurement inputs

3 x coil current
1 x coil/station voltage
1 x motor current via shunt
3 x external sensor (travel/pressure)
6 x incremental travel transducer
1 x micro-ohm meter current (single-phase use of micro-ohm meter)
1 x micro-ohm meter voltage (single-phase use of micro-ohm meter)

Binary measurement inputs

3 x 6 main and resistive contacts
3 x 4 auxiliary contacts