Vacuum inspection

Vacuum inspection with INDEC

The non-contact, 100% in-line vacuum inspection of jars, bottles, cans and similar containers is carried out within the production process. Containers which show insufficient vacuum, cocked/tilted caps or missing caps are reliably identified and automatically rejected.

A sensor measures the cap panel deflection which is dependent on the vacuum inside the container. The measurement values are evaluated by the testing software, leak tightness is assessed by comparing the data of each container with the data of a golden sample. The desired values are determined automatically by means of a simple, easy-to-use teach-in function. All container parameters are saved format-specifically and settings are made at the touch of a button. Manual adjustment of the vacuum sensor is only necessary if there are large differences in the dimensions of the containers, the parameters are saved format-specifically here too.

The systems are operated using a touch screen in combination with a membrane keypad. All system messages and information about the current test procedure are displayed clearly on the colour graphics display. System components are connected via plug-in connections in the connection unit. All housings and plug connectors can withstand high-pressure/steam cleaning in compliance with IP69K.

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