System versions

OMCAT 550 / 600

Quality and process control in production

OMCAT 550 and OMCAT 600 measuring systems are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in manufacturing environments. Their robust construction guarantees longevity, while the use of maintenance-free components ensures high availability.

Smooth and robust sheet steel panelling without nooks and crannies makes for easy cleaning. Because of the fan-free electronics, dust is not sucked into the system housing. Maintenance access points with several access levels for connections, electronics and the rotary stage allow easy access for maintenance and servicing.

The measurement functions are controlled using ergonomically designed robust push buttons. These large, metal push buttons are specially arranged for intuitive operation. They are guaranteed for 10 million switching cycles and meet all the requirements of harsh manufacturing environments and 24/7 production.

The measuring system is controlled with the OMCAT-Vision software which is optimised for operation using the function buttons and 10“ touch screen and allows all major functions, from basic configuration through to the creation of recipes, to be run on the device itself.


The solution for laboratory applications

OMCAT XA6 features analytical, statistical and graphical tools which make it suitable for use in development, process optimisation, quality assurance and the technological preparation of the manufacturing process.

The system is equipped with a 22“ swivel monitor, mouse and keyboard. The parameters and measurement results are graphically displayed in detail on the large monitor, allowing comprehensive, detailed analyses.

The OMCAT-Expert software, included in the scope of delivery, and the module for local evaluation of GBD and gap can be used to display measurement results in detail and to carry out all the measurement tasks required in a laboratory, e.g. the inspection of details during the development of new products.

In order to guarantee optimum protection from dirt and unauthorized access, the system is integrated in a cabinet with a lockable shutter. The cabinet is fitted with castors and also provides enough space for optional peripherals, such as a label printer and weighing scales, as well as for SPC and calibration pieces. The screen can be swivelled into the cabinet so that it too can be stored behind the closed shutter.

OMCAT L50 / L60

Integration in the production line

The OMCAT L50 and L60 systems offer a cost-effective alternative when catalytic converter measurement is to be integrated directly within the production line. While no compromises are made with regard to quality or measurement accuracy, there is no need for panels, push buttons and connections on the system itself when the placement of measurement objects and the start of the measurement process are to be automated.

Only the measuring instrument itself is located in the production line, while a decentralised unit is used for controlling and evaluating measurements. This unit can be accommodated in existing standard cabinets in a 19“ drawer, for example. Control for carrying out measurements is automated by means of a direct communication interface with the production line. 

Automation of the measurement process increases process security and creates synergies for the operation of the entire production line.

When a new production plant is planned, the measuring system can be integrated by the manufacturer of the plant, but installation in existing plants is also possible at any stage.