System overview

Catalytic converter measurement with OMCAT

The exact position of the ceramic substrate within the catalytic converter sleeve is of decisive importance for the durability of exhaust catalytic converters. Premature damage may result if the substrate is fixed too loosely or too tightly.

OMCAT catalytic converter measuring systems provide a fast and efficient means of carrying out complex geometrical measurements on exhaust catalytic converters and of determining the gap bulk density (GBD).

OMCAT measuring systems feature innovative measurement functions combined with reliable technology. High measurement speed and accuracy and high availability due to their rugged construction are the major strengths of these systems which come to the fore in the harsh conditions which prevail in production environments.

All OMCAT systems are tried and tested standard solutions. Their components and modules have undergone a lengthy test phase and rigorous quality inspections. However, in the unlikely event that a problem should arise, first-class service is available worldwide and the standardised construction of these measuring systems guarantees long-term, global availability of spare parts.