Poka Yoke, SPC and calibration

Poka Yoke, SPC and calibration

Poka-yoke for guaranteed process stability

Various poka-yoke measures are available for the immediate detection and prevention of errors during operation of the measuring systems. Attempts to manipulate measurements and operator errors are reliably identified by the software and a correction message is displayed. In order to continue the measurement process, only the erroneous step must be corrected and not the entire measurement.

SPC concept for process reliability

For the purposes of statistical process control, the system requests a specific component to be measured at defined intervals and the results of the measurement are compared with a reference measurement of the very same component. 

If the measured values lie within the permissible range, the current measurement process can be continued immediately. If the values lie outside the permissible tolerance, calibration is requested automatically. Measurement and evaluation take only a few seconds.

The SPC tests and results are recorded in the database. They are safe from any kind of manipulation and can be viewed and exported at any time. 

Simple, reliable calibration

Calibration as may be required after an SPC measurement, for example, can be carried out quickly and easily. The use of just one calibration piece guarantees clear-cut results and drastically reduces the probability of calibration errors. If there are deviations, the adjustment is carried out automatically with no need for manual intervention or settings.