Flexible measurement and evaluation

Flexible measurement and evaluation

Process control on the basis of GBD

In combination with digital scales, the optional software extension offers the prerequisites for the evaluation of mat weight for the purpose of process control on the basis of GBD or for determining the mean GBD for quality control. The mat weights are automatically requested and transmitted to the software. Mats with a weight of up to 3 kg can be weighed with a resolution of 0.1 g. 

The software extension contains poka-yoke measures for the verification of mat switch and placement of the right mat.

Local evaluation of gap and GBD

This optional function makes it possible to determine the position of the catalyst brick in the finished catalytic converter. Using the 2D scan system integrated in the turntable, the eccentricity of the brick in the metal sleeve is measured with the aid of a DMC affixed to its base. By determining the position of the brick, it is possible for the software to perform an automatic evaluation of the gap and GBD for individual angular sections. The number, angular position and size of the sections can be defined in the measurement recipe. In addition, it is also possible to define separate tolerances for individual areas. Adherence to these tolerances is checked by means of the software.

Flexible for pre- and post-canning

OMCAT enables pre- and post-canning measurements to be carried out with the same measuring system or with separate systems. The database allocates the data automatically in both cases.

Measuring multiple catalyst bricks in a stack

If several bricks are installed in a converter, they can be measured in a stack in order to increase throughput. The measurement for the sleeve can also be carried out in one step without rotating the converter. Up to four bricks can be measured with one recipe so there is no need to keep changing the recipe.

It is easy to prevent measurements being mixed up by mistake by using a recipe in combination with optional code scanners to check the part number.