Acquisition of codes

Acquisition of codes for tracking

Measurement objects can be identified and tracked by reading in a wide range of different codes. To guarantee maximum flexibility within the production process, the functions of the code scanners can be freely assigned using the measurement recipe, making it possible, for example, to process codes on catalyst bricks, lot codes, etc. OMCAT therefore complies fully with the requirements stipulated in the 008-06-17 OEM standard.

Base codes

The scanner integrated in the turntable can be used to read code labels on the base of measurement objects and to process them for tracking purposes. If there are no labels on the measurement objects, labels can be printed on an optional printer and affixed before or after the measurement.

Sleeve codes

If code labels are affixed to the surface of the sleeve of the measurement objects, another optional scanner can be used to read in the codes during rotation within the measurement process. The scan for checking the orientation of the measurement object and thereby ensuring the correct positioning and allocation of measurement levels can be used as a Poka-yoke measure.

Box codes

If components are delivered without proper product codes, box codes such as batch and part numbers can be scanned instead. The part number, which may be included in the product code, can be used as a poka-yoke measure in order to check or automatically select the recipe.