LOTOS 3D measuring systems

LOTOS 3D measuring systems

Suitable solutions for every requirement profile

4 system variants:

Can be equipped with various measuring sensors and actuators to achieve:

Highest measuring rates at second intervals up to highest measuring accuracy in the sub-micrometer range.
Measuring rates from 4 seconds per part with measuring ranges from 0 mm to 400 mm can be configured for a wide range of part dimensions.

The automatic measuring systems LOTOS are used for the precise determination of geometries at any measuring objects, irrespective of their shape. The measurement is performed by moving optical sensors along the outer contours of the measuring objects. Due to the extremely high sampling rate, both two- and three-dimensional measurements including the evaluation of the results are possible in the shortest time.

The IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) capability allows easy integration into state-of-the-art data and control environments and fulfills all the requirements for Industry 4.0.

The powerful software offers a wide range of options for quality assurance, production monitoring and control, as well as technological preparation of new manufacturing processes.

  1. Fast and precise inspection of geometries
  2. Optimal cost/benefit ratio
  3. Flexible fields of application
  4. High operational reliability and availability
  5. All requirements for Industry 4.0 / IIoT

Check geometry quickly and precisely
The test object is rotated on a turntable for scanning, while the optical sensors are moved along the test object by means of a vertical precision measuring axis. The geometry can then be checked fully automatically for predefined properties. Due to the wide range of possible uses, there are applications for in-process testing and for and quality inspection exist in almost all industries.

Cost-efficient due to wide range of possible applications
Thanks to flexible part fixtures and the high variability of measuring ranges, the systems enable the measurement of smallest parts up to heavy machine components. Whether required for tasks connected with development and optimization, or for in-process testing and process control, a wide variety of measuring tasks can be carried out flexibly and efficiently with just one LOTOS measuring system.

High operational reliability and availability
Whether used in the measuring room or in harsh manufacturing environments, the robust design of LOTOS measuring systems guarantees a long service life, while maintenance-free components from leading manufacturers ensure high reliability. The entire mechanics and sensor technology is dust-protected and designed to compensate for environmental influences. In addition, self-monitoring functions provide high operational reliability and accuracy even under fluctuating environmental conditions.

Equipped to meet all Industry 4.0 requirements
The comprehensive software package makes these measuring and test systems suitable for use in the areas of development and application, as well as for 100% in-line testing. All LOTOS models are futureproof and feature interfaces for stand-alone use, or for partially or fully automatic operation within the production environment. As a result, the measuring systems are well equipped to meet upcoming Industry 4.0 requirements.

Shape and position tolerances according to ISO 1101 for the entire test object, freely definable sections or individual areas can be measured:

Identification of imperfection

Geometric measurements

  1. Volume
  2. Diameter
  3. Radius
  4. Circumference
  5. Length
  6. Angle

Shape and position testing

  1. Straightness
  2. Circularity
  3. Cylindricity
  4. Perpendicularity
  5. Parallelism
  6. Profile shape/surface shape
  7. Deviation from nominal contours/surfaces
  8. fit (minimum circumscribed, maximum incribed) of all measured contours

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