The EPPE PX is a universal measurement and analysis system which can be used in every area of an electricity supply network.

The EPPE PX gives you:

  1. comprehensive equipment with measurement inputs for AC and DC measurements
  2. the ability to carry out several different measurements at the same time
  3. an enormous range of different functions in the operating software provided
  4. fields of application which remain out of the reach for conventional fault recorders and power quality analysers

Main features:

  1. 4 voltage inputs (AC/DC, full galvanic isolation, no common reference point)
  2. 4 direct inputs for current measurement up to 32 A continuous current with increased precision
  3. 4 current sensor inputs (AC/DC current clamp/flexible current transformers)
  4. 4 universal +-10 V inputs for connecting measuring transducers
  5. 1 PT1000 temperature measurement input
  6. 8 binary inputs, e.g. for recording switching states

Examples of applications:

  1. fault recorder for detecting network faults and transient processes
  2. power quality analyser
  3. determination of energy flows in AC and DC supply systems
  4. trend and long-term recorder
  5. real-time monitoring

Check out our special EPPE PX offer in a package including 4 flexible current sensors (ACP 3000).

For more information, please contact EPPE product manager Michael Jesinghausen.