Today Product Manager Jürgen Dreier presents KoCoS' latest innovation: PROMET L10 – our new hand-held micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads!

Jürgen (50) lives in Höringhausen near Korbach, he is a graduate engineer and has been working for KoCoS since 1997. He is the product manager responsible for our EPOS Power Sources and PROMET Resistance Measurement devices.
Our newly developed high-precision micro-ohm measuring system PROMET L10 is a compact, battery-operated micro-ohm meter for ohmic and inductive loads. The use of four-wire measuring technology and high test currents of up to 10 A enable PROMET L10 to meet the most stringent accuracy requirements when determining resistances in the μΩ to kΩ range.

Jürgen Dreier