New TRANSIG-Monitor for ARTES 5

An update of the ARTES 5 software with the new TRANSIG-Monitor is now available.

The TRANSIG-Monitor enables the fully graphical display, analysis and output of recordings that are available in the standardized COMTRADE format. The monitor has been fundamentally revised and is now available in the new ARTES 5 software with new functions.

With a scaling function, the original recording can now be scaled fully automatically to a defined output range. The signal characteristics can now be played back immediately as a transient sequence over the test system without long detours.

A special feature is the new time window function. A freely selectable section of a recording can be filtered out and selectively output via the hardware. In addition, the new repeat function allows the signal characteristics to be played back sequentially and without gaps as often as required.

In addition to new functions, the user interface of the TRANSIG-Monitor has also been redesigned. Tests can now be performed more easily, intuitively and quickly.