Current Sensor ACP 300/24 AC - SPECIAL OFFER

The ACP 3000 B current probe from KoCoS can be used in conjunction with a wide range of measuring devices to
measure alternating currents up to 3000 A.

Flexible current probe
A choice of three measuring ranges makes for accurate measurement of high and low currents alike. The probe can be used for current measurements on conductors such as cables or busbars. The flexible measuring head makes it ideally suitable for use in awkward places which are voltage output signal of up to 3 V and can be powered by internal batteries or an external power supply unit.

  1. High sensor sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  2. Choice of measuring ranges: 30 A, 300 A, 3000 A
  3. Robust and splash-proof (IP65, flexible measuring head)
  4. 2000 hours of battery life or external power supply
  5. Low position sensitivity and high immunity to external magnetic fields
  6. Small sensor cross-section (9.9 mm) and slim end cap (13.6 mm)
  7. Robust measuring amplifiers and closing mechanism
  8. High safety standard (1000 V CAT III, 600 V CAT IV, unlimited overload capacity)

Article No.:  #4147


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