ARTES 5 Software-Update

The latest update of the ARTES 5 testing software provides several new features that further simplify the daily use of ARTES test systems and thus help the user to achieve his goals faster:

VD-Monitor: Superimpose signals with harmonics
With the updated version of the VD-Monitor, the output signals can be superimposed with any harmonic signals. This can be used to check the inrush stabilization quick and easy. The harmonic signals are specified as a percentage of the fundamental signal and can be output both constant and ramped. 

Individual cursors for progress graphs
The display of test sequences with several states, as they can be output with the VD-Monitor or the SmartSequencer, is often difficult in the test report. By inserting individual cursors, the test quantities of the individual states can be displayed graphically at any point of the progress graph in the test report. 

Point model for overcurrent time protection
The new point model for the characteristics of the overcurrent time protection can be used to reproduce any curve characteristics that cannot be represented by a formula. The required value pairs of current and tripping time can be taken form a graphical representation of the characteristic curve, for example. 

Extension of the measurements
For even more flexibility in the evaluation of manual tests, the measurements have been expanded. In addition to voltage, current and time, various power quantities can now also be determined and evaluated with defined setpoints. 

The update is now available for download in the customer area of our website.