ARTES 5 Software Update

A new update of the ARTES 5 testing software is available for download. With this update we provide some enhancements and optimizations of the software functions:

ARTES V4 data import
Data from the previous version ARTES V4 can now be transferred to ARTES 5. This means that older tests and results can also be managed with the current ARTES software.

IT Monitor
An additional parameter set has been added to the IT Monitor.
This uses the reverse component current as a test variable and can thus be used for testing the unbalanced load protection.

Q-U monitor
When testing the Q-U protection, it is now possible to select whether only the response value, only the tripping time or both are to be evaluated for the parameterized test ramps. With this option, the test report can meet all requirements on the part of the various certification bodies.

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